Sewer Pipe Replacement in San Juan Capistrano, CA, Protects Homes from Water Damage

Every year homeowners spend thousands of dollars on unexpected plumbing repairs that leave homes with extensive water damage. My San Juan Capistrano Plumber Hero, the leading drain and sewer experts, offers homeowners advice on how to protect their home from water damage with professional sewer pipe replacement.

Common Sewer Line Problems

A sewer line problem isn’t something that pops up overnight. Unfortunately, this issue often takes people by surprising leaving them with a home or yard full of raw sewage and a fear of what comes next. Some common sewer line problems include the following:

• Main line clog

• Tree roots growing into the piping

• Misaligned pipes

• Corroded pipes

• Poor repairs

These problems can easily be detected with routine preventive maintenance and by vigilant homeowners who know what signs indicate a potential problem.

Signs of Sewer Pipe Failure

Many homeowners claim they never imagined their sewer line failing, but this is one plumbing problem that always gives clues before something major happens. Homeowners just need to know what signs to look for. Here are some signs of sewer pipe failure:

• Constant clogs in household drains, including floor drains

• Toilet gurgling or backing up when sinks or bathtubs drain

• Raw sewage backing up in toilet, sinks, showers, bathtubs, or floor drains.

• Soft spots in the yard around the sewer line

If you notice any of these problems in your home, call a licensed plumber in San Juan Capistrano right away for a complete inspection of the sewer line.

Affordable Sewer Pipe Replacement in San Juan Capistrano, CA

As far as residential plumbing repairs go, sewer problems are pricey. However, when caught early and innovative relining services are an option, the repairs can be surprisingly affordable. If you need sewer pipe replacement in San Juan Capistrano, call the drain and sewer experts with years of experience and guaranteed labor. We’re available 24/7, 365 days out of the year! Call now.

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